Our overriding philosophy at Boulangerie de Paris is to provide our customers with natural delicious wholesome breads and first class personal service.
In today’s modern food industry where the focus is on mass production, the use of chemicals and additives is enlisted to speed up the process – this has led to a new generation of food allergies.
At Boulangerie de Paris we do things the old fashioned way – we use no chemicals to speed up the fermentation of the dough, we let it ferment as nature intended, with a little help from our secret recipe ‘starter’ containing only the finest natural ingredients, and 4% yeast in the cold weather, resulting in our delicious range of sourdough breads made from organic ingredients. We use only stoneground unbleached flours meaning it is completely free from additives and preservatives.
All of our breads are baked in our traditional hand built wood fired oven, and believe us, when you taste the bread you’ll understand the difference between electric and wood burning.
Our old fashioned values even extend to our training! The Head Baker at Boulangerie de Paris completed his full apprenticeship under one of the few remaining true Master Bakers back in France, and is committed to continuing this trend by offering enthusiastic young bakers the chance to complete apprenticeships and learn their trade properly, en-steeling in them the traditional values and methods taught to him. Our extensive range of breads includes those from France and Italy, sweet and savoury, white and brown, and a wealth of variety in between – in fact our diverse menu is something we are very proud of!